Hello, my name is
Adeel Tariq

I am a Mobile focused Software Engineer, hobbyist Game Developer and a Sci-Fi Fantasy book lover.
That's me 😊


Panda EPOS

Senior Software Developer
2020 – Present

Currently working to develop maintain, release and deploy iOS and Android apps in a leadership position.

Since I joined, with my majority contribution, we have developed from scratch and delivered multiple apps as part of the company’s EPOS system.

Big Gorilla Apps

Senior Software Developer
2019 – 2020

I developed and maintained multiple iOS and Android apps for the company clients.

I’m most proud of my contributions to Bayyinah video content app for optimizing the performance, interface and user experience. I did that by significantly lowering the UI overhead and enhancing how images and layouts were being rendered.

Online Freelancer

Software Developer
2014 – 2019

I worked directly with clients to develop new apps or software for them or to maintain and support their existing apps. I learned a lot during this period of my carrier.

These apps belonged to a wide range of fields from commerce and classified to social media and video games.


We Eat Local (Android)

We Eat Local aims to connect consumers with local food farmers and producers. Users discover local foods, invite friends and build a profile in a gamified system made to encourage the growth of local food market.

Remote Control (Android)

Allows you to control your computers or laptops from an Android device. The app connects to a companion app on the controlled device using sockets over Wifi and controls the device by sending system commands.

Chipmunk in a maze (Android)

Randomly generated mazes with traps and enemies. Plus a boon and curse system which modifies the game play every few levels.

Guess the Star (Web)

A simple, one page web app/game. You score points by guessing one of the actors from a movie. Users can also choose from four difference data sets.

MovieMeister (Android)

Search movies, browse movie charts, explore upcoming movies, save favorites and compile lists of movies. MovieMeister implements performant material design in addition to smooth animations and transitions.

Badshah Wazir (Android, Desktop)

Traditional game of Badshah Wazir where one player guesses who the ‘thief’ is among other players. 3 to 10 people can play over Wifi. AI players will join the game if less then 3 players are present.