Shoe House Goblin Devlog #0

Shoe House Goblin Devlog #0 – The Idea

My last game, Lazer Wizard, is “done” and published. Now its time for my next project. And this time I intend to keep a devlog of the whole process.

So the goal is to “finish” a game in the next couple of weeks. Or publish whatever state the project is in by the end of next couple of weeks. I’ll be putting in few hours everyday into this project after my day job hours. And I’ll try to work in such a way that at the end of each day I have a playable, if bare bones, game in my hands with addition of more features or polish.

Here’s the game idea: You may know in Pakistan most shoe shops have a ceiling where they store shoes in boxes and usually a person is employed there to throw boxes down to the other employees through a hole. The salesmen yell a number, size and color to the person in the ceiling and that person, I presume, finds the appropriate box in a giant stack of other boxes and throws it down to them.

Well I’m making that ceiling person’s job into a game. Only he isn’t a person at all but instead a creature that dwells in a dark and dreary place, endlessly delivering shoe boxes and never seeing the light of day. Perhaps its a goblin or something…

Anyway, first thing I’ll be doing is outlining the scope of the game and the features I aim to complete, which I’ll share in the next devlog. And maybe I would have done some coding by then too.